LAKESHORE TENNIS CLUB STRIVES TO BE INCLUSIVE, offering opportunities for competitive & social play through a variety of leagues. Pre-registration for most leagues is required in order to assess court availability so as to make changes to court rosters, and to allow staff to plan player matches. All Leagues are DOUBLES, except for BOX LEAGUES, which are SINGLES play.


Singles, Skill based grouping, Monthly, Pre-Registration Required, Self-Organized

DAYTIME LEAGUES: Beginning of Season start time at 10:00am, but as weather warms up, will be moved to earlier time slot, 9:00 then 8:30, Check court sheet on 10S Portal ahead for schedule & to pre-register.

Morning Intermediate & Advanced:

Ranking: 3.5 and UP, Competitive

Courts: 4, 5 (potentially 4,5) Full Sets, Deuces Played

Pre-Registration required by 7pm night before, matches pre-arranged by staff.


NEW! Morning novice:

Ranking: 2.5- 3.0, Social

Courts: 8

Pre-registration is required by 1 pm day before


NEW! Nooners:

Ranking 3.75 & Up, Competitive

Courts 3,4,5, Deuces Played, Change courts on the ½ hr.

Pre-registration by 7pm day before (to assess court use, open courts up if necessary).

NEW! Saturday Afternoon 2-4 :

Ranking 3.0 & Up Social

Courts 4, 5 

Pre-registration required by Saturday 9:00am.

NEW! Sunday Afternoon 2-4 :

Novice league

Court 1 

Pre-registration required by Saturday 1pm, day before

NEW! Junior League - Sunday Afternoon 12:30-2:

Ranking Junior League - 2.5-3.5

Court 1

Pre-registration required by Saturday 1 pm, day before

Evening leagues 7-9pm - Starts informally April 29th and formally May 6th

Monday : Women's doubles

Ranking 3.0 and Up, Competitive

Courts 1-8 Full Sets, Deuces Played

Pre-Registration required by noon on Mondays, Max 32 players, matches pre-arranged by staff.


Tuesday: Mixer doubles

Ranking: 2.5 and Up, Social

Courts 1-8, Advantage Scoring, ½ Hr Sets, Winners Move Up, Defeated Down

Pre-Registration is Advised by noon Tuesdays, (Guaranteed 1st on Court), Drop-Ins Welcome, Rotating In after 1st set


Wednesday : Team Tennis

Ranking: 3.5 & Up, Competitive

Courts 2,3 & 4,5 & 6,7, First to 5 games, Deuces Played

Sessional Pre-Registration, Two Sessions over Summer

Thursday : Men's league 

Ranking: 3.5 & Up, Competitive

Courts 3,4,5, Full Sets, Deuces Played

Pre-Registration required by noon, Thursdays, matches pre-arranged by staff.


Thursday : Novice League

Ranking: Novice

Courts 7,8 (potentially 6,7,8), Full Sets, Regular Game Scoring

Pre-registration required by noon, Thursdays