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Club Etiquette

Club Etiquette


  • Proper tennis attire and non-marking shoes are to be worn on the courts.

  • Shirts are to be worn at all times on club premises and grounds.

  • Ensure any equipment you are not using on court (spare racquet, bag, drinks, clothes etc.) is placed out of the way and will not present a hazard to players changing ends or moving for a wide ball.

  • Close the gate behind you when you enter or leave the courts.

  • Do not cross behind a court while a point is underway. When the point is over, move quickly across the back of the court.  Never cross a court that is occupied by others at any time.

  • Call out the score clearly before the serve.

  • Clean up any litter – metal caps from ball cans, ball cans, unwanted balls, paper cups, drink bottles or other litter on or around the court.  Use garbage bins as provided. NO FOOD WASTE IN THE GARBAGE BINS PLEASE (it attracts wasps)

  • There is no smoking permitted anywhere on club premises or grounds.


  • If a ball comes onto your court during play, call a let and replay the point.

  • If a ball from your court goes onto another court, wait for a break in play on that court (and any courts between you and the court where the ball stops) and then politely ask for the players on that court to return the ball. If the ball presents a danger to a player, alert the players on that court immediately.

  • Return balls that come onto your court during a break in play on that court.


  • No swearing or loud yelling, especially during play of the game and/or in tournaments; Members should always be respectful of their tone and approach.

  • If a member is offended by someone, please approach them respectfully and advise them of the offense and leave the issue alone.

    • If the offending behavior continues, please alert staff or the board of the incident, including the date and time of the incident.

  • All membership contact information is to be used expressly for the intent of arranging games­­ and should not be used for solicitation purposes.


  • Sign up to play online using CourtReserve (add icon and hyperlink the word “CourtReserve” and Icon to CourtReserve).

    • Include all names of players in your reservation.

    • All guests must be registered online and pay the guest fee of $15 (guests are limited to 3 times each).

  • Members are allowed 4 hours of playing time per day, or two court bookings.

    • Singles’ reservations are limited to 1½ hours.­­­

    • Doubles’ reservations are limited to 2 hours.

  • No back-to-back bookings are allowed.

  • If you are the last players on the court, day or night, please ensure the clubhouse and all gates are locked before leaving.

    • Don’t wait for the last person leaving to lock up ALL the courts – Please help out and lock up a few courts as you go when you see that the courts are thinning of players.

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