Lakeshore Tennis Club Etiquette




  • Please book your court on 10sPortal, even if it is not busy.

  • Bookings are 90 minutes for singles and 120 minutes for doubles. This is subject to change by the board if the times are hindering all member’s ability to access the courts.

  • If you are the last ones playing day or night, please ensure the clubhouse and all gates are locked before leaving. Also don’t wait for the last persons to leave to lock up ALL the courts, help out and lock up a few as you go and the courts are thinning of players.

  • Please clean up any of your garbage, lids or such before leaving the court.


Play of the game:


  • Please wait until the point is played before walking past to your own court. Never cross a court that is occupied by others at anytime.

  • Never run after a ball in another court or return a ball during a point played. Simply wait for your neighbours’ to return the ball when it's convenient for them to do so. If a ball rolls onto your court, toss it back to the player it belongs to when asked.

  • Since stray balls are distracting and potentially dangerous, please call a "let" if a ball rolls onto the court while the point is in play. A "let" is basically a do-over, and the point is replayed.

  • When serving, ensure you have two balls before serving. Also, when serving, call the score out clearly before the serve, not during the serve.

  • Receiving players need to allow 1st and 2nd serves without distraction. Never chase balls or return balls to the other team between first and second serve as this interferes with the serve.

  • In doubles, the non-receiving player is responsible for monitoring the lines during serves and calling the lines in a timely fashion. - ie : immediately in or out or net. It is always the receiving end that makes a call for in or out during play or serves.

  • When making calls, please use standard hand-signals as calling out sometimes is not always clear, especially on close calls. 

  • If you have any doubt about whether a ball is out, you should make the call in favour of your opponent.

  • At the end of the game, smile and shake hands with your opponents, partner.




  • Attire- Shirts to be worn at all times, and non-scuff shoes only, on the courts. 

  • Smoking of any kind is not allowed on the grounds at all. 

  • Animals to be on a leash and in control. 

  • Please use the paths around the courts instead of walking through the courts. 


THANK YOU from all the members of Lakeshore Tennis Club!