Why Join?


Lakeshore Tennis Club is an inclusive and fun place for ALL ages.. It doesn’t matter your age, or even

your fitness level – you don’t need to be an athlete to play. In fact it is a great motivator for getting

fit. At LTC we have young children, families, retirees and persons in their senior years playing!

If you have never considered ever playing, consider it NOW!! Don’t wait....Why? Because of all the

FUN! FUN! FUN you have already been missing and for all of the FUN you will have! You will find

that playing tennis will have you laughing SO much, living in the moment, making new friends, and

enjoying a sport that engages you for a life-time!


All you need is you! ..and a racquet, some comfortable clothing (pockets are good), some sun-screen

and water. If you just want to come and hit a few balls and see if you might like it, drop by and try it.

We always have spare racquets and once we are up and rolling into the season, there are always

friendly faces to answer your questions and staff who can help. Enroll in instant tennis, (fyi: fills up

fast)..give it a try and join in the fun!! Summer and tennis and FUN are waiting for YOU at the

Lakeshore Tennis Club! ... Why wait?


For further information regarding proper equipment, tennis information, link on to Tennis Canada

association website where you can find invaluable information and videos on equipment, rules of the

game, stroke improvement.








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