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                Which League is right for you?

Boxed League Singles (play is scheduled between members, organized by the club):


Players who are able to hit the ball directionally and serve somewhat consistently. Sign-up sheets will be posted. Players will be grouped according to skill ranking.


NOVICE Doubles: (Thurs evening/Sunday afternoon, weekday mornings Tues/Thurs)

For novice players who are able to rally, able to serve the ball and are looking for opportunities to play and improve on everything. Preferably a graduate of our instant tennis program and who understands the rules of the game.


Ladies/Men Doubles: (Evenings Mon/Thur): More competitive, higher level of play; able to serve more consistently, rally deep balls, able to volley, lob, strategize play.


Tuesday Mixed League Doubles:

A social event for players of all levels. Players start with group of similar ranking; after half hour of play, winners move up a court and split, defeated move down a court.



Wednesday Team Tennis:

Team Tennis is a competitive blood-bath! If fast hard serves, quick volleys and smash balls are what gets you going, then this is where you want to play! The best players organize themselves into teams and pre-register their teams. Organized into 2 sessions over the season, 6 teams rotate every week in a round robin. Sessions run twice over the summer for about 6-7 weeks.

Singles looking for a team to join can email at the start of season or just before.

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