For further information regarding proper equipment, tennis information, link on to the Tennis Canada

website where you can find invaluable information and videos on rules of the

game, stroke improvement and equipment.

Image by Ben Hershey

What do I need to play?

  • Tennis racquet (contact the Lakeshore to try one out, or to borrow one if you’ve forgotten yours)

  • Tennis balls (Lakeshore sells tennis balls if you need some)

  • Outdoor runners/Tennis shoes (No black soles)


Need a new racquet? Speak to one of our pros.  They can recommend the type of racquet that would be best suited for you and for your style of game.

Have you broken a string? 

We have several who are qualified at restringing racquets. Please contact the Lakeshore for a list of people who can do this for you and for pricing.

Need balls? The Lakeshore sells tennis balls by the sleeve or you can order a case of balls (or split with a friend) 

Image by Hoi Pham