2019 Lakeshore Tennis Club Newsletter #5 - May 8th 2019

Welcome back all old members and welcome aboard all new members! The season has begun and it's time to spread Regina's best kept secret! There are posters and info cards that can be hung or shared anywhere, lets get to it!

Season Opener Mixer on May 4th In honour of yet another year of tennis in the park, we held our annual season opener mixer and wonderful food supplied once again by Lorrie! Terry Tuharsky made a toast to the club highlighting the achievements of our juniors and the continuing passion for tennis from each and everyone of our members. Wonderful energy heading into the new season!


Extended Early Bird Membership Fear not everyone, you haven't missed out on our early bird pricing yet! Due to difficulties with 10sportal (who would have thought right?) we're extending the registration date to May 12th after our Open House this weekend!


  • At the start of the season, all members were moved to 'guest' status and the guest court fee was waived.  

  • As of Saturday, if you have not joined and/or set up your membership, a $10 court fee will be charged to your account if you reserve a court. 

  •  If you have forgotten your 10S Portal login information - username or password - staff at the club can reset, and have a temporary password sent to your personal email. 

Court Registration - IMPORTANT NOTES

  • As of today, faculty settings have been adjusted for members to be able to RESERVE A COURT only 3 days in advance (like last year.)

  • Courts should also require all members to be listed before submitting so we ask that all members are logged when the court is booked!

League Registration - IMPORTANT NOTES

  • LEAGUE CUTOFF time has changed to 5pm for ALL EVENING leagues & 1pm the day before for all DAYTIME leagues

  • THOSE who register are guaranteed a spot whereas drop-in will be picked second

  • COURT OPENING - after assessing registration numbers for a league, courts will then be opened up if not needed to create availability for other members

Junior Programming Lessons Posted to the Portal!
- Finally! The lessons are up on Saturday's for juniors. Head onto our 10sportal to get signed up and mark your attendance!
- If there is a large amount of people waitlisted we will look at moving lessons to Fridays during the week as well!

Staffing Hours

Monday, Tues, Wed, Thurs evenings 5-8pm (or 8:30)
Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri mornings 11:30-2:30pm (or 3:30)
Saturdays 9-1230pm on court

Saturdays 7:30-12:30pm

Saturdays 9-1230pm on court
Sundays 11-2pm

2019 Lakeshore Tennis Club Newsletter #4 - May 3rd 2019

BLITZ!!  2019 Lakeshore Tennis Season has Officially Begun!

In this newsletter you will read about: Club Opening, Open House, 10S Portal, Board of Directors

Banners and signs are up, the Summer Activity Guide is hot on the press.  Talk of the Town & Locker talk television segments will be airing next week, right in time for the beginning of League Play and our Open House.  Facebook & Social media campaigns are launching, radio and TV are in the works. Exciting!

In addition to this year’s banners, our business cards and a program cards have been produced and are also ready for use.  Copies of these will be in the Lakeshore Clubhouse for guests to take as they inquire about tennis, or for you to take and share to promote the club. Digital copies are hereby attached for you to send digitally, print, and post all around town!

Thanks to Denise Fernandez for her volunteering to promote the club with her appearance on Locker Talk, and to board member Lois Vanderhooft for her appearance on Talk of the Town; Lois as a board member, also deserves a big thank you for all her posters, banners, print ads and cards for the club that she has prepared! Who hoo! Nice work Lois! 

Poster - Summer 2019 TRY TENNIS - OPEN HOUSE

Poster - 2019 INSTANT TENNIS

Poster - 2019 Junior Tennis Programming

OUR CLUBHOUSE IS NOW OPEN! The water is on, bathrooms working, and because of volunteers Rod Kelln, Alex Chavez & Danny Kolybaba!! .. BIG THANK YOU to these heroes for saving the club $$$ by helping to repair a break in the plumbing line which was caught when the water was turned on. They did it cheerfully, quickly, got it done! .. stepped up! How great is that! Boy we have some terrific volunteers in our club!

Champions of the week!! Rod, Alex & Danny! 

STAFFING: Morgan Waller, Van Nguyen and Anya Chavez our new team of staff, have done a bang up job of cleaning and organizing. In the midst of all this, they have been helping members with memberships, and cheerfully so. We are absolutely thrilled to have this team of hardworking, talented individuals here to help make your tennis experience at the club brighter, better! Thank you Morgan, Van and Anya for all your hard work this week!

LEAGUES & LESSONS: Please note that next week Leagues and Clinics start, and pre-registration is required for most. Junior Lessons start on the Saturday the 18th, see website for details.
CLUB MEMBER TENNIS MIXER & DINNER SOCIAL: Just a reminder that tennis mixer starts Saturday May 4th at 2:00pm and goes to 5:00pm with pre-dinner social to 5:30pm. Lorrie will have some snacks & drinks available during the afternoon. 

At 5:30pm we will have our opening remarks and introductions, with Terry Tuharsky, past president, making a small presentation regarding Tennis Saskatchewan’s High-Performance Junior program, our role in it, and the success our juniors have accomplished, including- but certainly not limited to, Keegan Rice, Teah Chavez, Anya Chavez, Morgan Waller and so many more! And dinner to start after that. 

FYI: Lorries email did not work last newsletter and she never got the notices for who was planning to come. Please if you haven’t signed up yet, do so now, or at the club sign up on the sheet provided.

$15 includes scrumptious burger, potato salad, side salad. In the spirit of past pot lucks for this event, we invite members to bring sweet treats only if they choose.

OPEN HOUSE : Next weekend May 11, 12 we will be holding our OPEN HOUSE to the public from 12-3pm Saturday & Sunday. Please note that we have set aside courts 6,7,8 for this event, but if we have a big turnout, and need more courts we may need to extend, and cancel any existing reservations as we see the need.

More importantly, we are asking for volunteers to come out, and show the public what a great place Lakeshore Tennis can be and to share our fun and enthusiasm for tennis! Also bring your friends, co-workers, .. everyone! .heck drag in some people off the street.. come one! come all!  TRY TENNIS!   At Lakeshore Tennis Club! 

FYI: This is a shared Tennis Saskatchewan function, as we are outreaching to the public to come and try! Thank you to Rory Park and to Tennis Saskatchewan for their sponsorship in this event.


FINAL WORDS:  Lakeshore Tennis Club is YOUR tennis club; we the board are doing everything we can to expand our membership through accessibility, opportunities for play, and to shine our light - our love of tennis in the park.If you have any ideas or suggestions, we welcome them and will do everything in our power to make it happen. 

We will be creating a suggestion box, and all suggestions & replies, will be posted on the bulletin board. 
Staff will be taking over the newsletters moving forward. If you have anything to add.. a wedding, a baby, a special announcement, please forward it to them.

Also, in the event you ever have any concerns you would like to bring directly to the attention of the Executive  and/ or any member of the Board of Directors, please email

Thank you for all your support, thank you for your membership and volunteer efforts.  

May all your serves be first, and all your balls have spin! Have a great tennis season everyone! 

Anita Rose Brockman
President of Lakeshore Tennis Club 2018 & 2019

I have a comment or suggestion for the Board and/or Executive

2019 Lakeshore Tennis Club Newsletter #3 - April 27th 2019

Note: If you have missed previous newsletters, see our website under News/Newsletters

RE: Club Social, 10S Portal, Leagues, Sponsorships, Volunteer Appreciation , Staffing


Saturday May 4th (or Sunday May 5th - if Saturday forecast is rain) -  Lorrie and Bliss Bistro will be serving up some scrumptious barbecued homemade burgers  served up with some potato salad, Caesar salad for only $15.00. It is always a fun event, and a terrific time to meet our new members, and connect with old friends. Tennis starts at 2pm, and in the spirit of our previous pot-lucks, members are welcome to bring along some home-made sweets.. Note: Confirmation whether Saturday or Sunday, will be sent out Friday night.  We are expecting to have the water on by Thursday. Cheers! 

10s PORTAL: Please note that if you have any problems with remembering your username or your password, email the club and admin staff can reset it.  If you have any issues at all, first direct to the club, or 'submit a ticket' to 10S Portal support directly. 

VISIBILITY & Membership Directory
Currently there are four options, Visible, Invisible, Entity Visible, Entity Invisible -  to choose from in your membership settings when selecting how you wish to be seen on our directory. The vendor has shared with us that the option 'ENTITY VISIBLE' is not functional at this time.  Entity visible is the option that allows only your club to 'see you' and view your personal contact information. 

THIS IS A PROBLEM WHICH IS BEING ADDRESSED BY THE VENDOR - a fix is in the works, and as soon as the update is available, we will let you know. 


Disclaimer Warning: If choosing VISIBLE, be aware that your contact information will be visible to any 10S Portal member anywhere, including the USA, and including any 10S Portal members from the general public who have not paid or are not a member of any club. Yet, typical users of 10S Portal, are tennis players who are using this program to search for other players, and typically search only in a 50 mile radius of where they live or want to play. 

BACKBOARD: Backboard, found on the right hand top corner of your screen, is used to find other players for a game of the skill rating you choose. It broadcasts game requests to other members, but you still need to reserve a court on the court sheet. 


LEAGUES: A reminder that our regular season leagues informally starts Monday April 29th, (drop-in) and  formally start the week of May 6th, with Team Tennis start on May 8th. Please  PRE-REGISTER to either setup match play, and or for staff to assess court usage and open up courts for other members if not being utilized. A separate follow-up email with details about the leagues will follow, but will also be posted on our website. 

 WE NEED YOU .. more players please to get this session kicking off for the month of May! Box Leagues are setup round-robin with other players with similar skill ratings and are self-directed. 


TEAM TENNIS IS FULL WOW!!  What a terrific response we have had for this sessions players!  An popular league so that anyone or team who was not able to play or organize for this session, will be a priority for next. Session 1 will run for 8 weeks,  potentially nine, and run throughout the months of May & June. We have 7 teams, so every week there will be a BYE for one team. The schedule will be emailed out to everyone with the rules - just a few changes.  And teams.. please have your NAME READY.. or your team will be assigned one with a draw of names in a hat.. names you may NOT want to have! LOL.. 


SPONSORSHIPS: We have Sponsors this year AND friends of Lakeshore Tennis! 

  • Thanks to Community Initiatives Fund for granting all the funding we asked for in order to provide programming for disadvantaged youth who would not normally have had the chance to play tennis! This funding will enhance the lives of as many children as we can.. we are thrilled! 

  • Thanks to Ralph Goodale for his input and approval towards having us receive a federal Summer Jobs Grant!  This funding will help with staffing this year, and which we are grateful! We hope he and family and his team come to  our courts to swing a racquet! Heh Ralph! 

  • Thanks ever so much to Jonathon Wipf for his sponsorship AGAIN! .., second summer in a row, with his company - Aye Services !  If you need fencing, house repairs, construction project needs, by all means.. give him a call! 

  • Thanks once again to The Vanderhooft Family! .. for their generous contribution! Not only is Lois on the board helping out with marketing, and graphics, giving of her time, but both her and Rob have supported the club through their donation. We are grateful for their support, and they are SUPER nice people to play with! Invite them for a game why don't you?  

  • A big hand to John Kowenowski, who has been looking after our courts for years and took us up on a sponsorship request last year, and sent us a cheque this spring! , and asked for nothing in return.. not even a banner!  .. we will see about that! 

  • Please give a nod to 'Friends of Lakeshore Tennis' club - the 2019 Board of Directors, who have pitched in to kick off our Friends of Lakeshore Tennis club this year, and also to Kjeld Gattinger who so generously not only offered his time on the board last year, but also with wallet! Thank you Kjeld! 

Now if you TOO want a BEAUTIFUL BANNER, and be a special friend of Lakeshore Tennis Club, as an individual OR as part of a team  - please step UP!! We welcome your support, your assistance, and your direction as to how you would like to see the money spent! We have our reserve fund for court resurfacing, and sponsorship's for children's camps, and tournaments, repairs! LOTS OF PLACES for your funding to go to!   

In the next week you will see some lovely banners going up next week around the courts, and you can be proud to know that these individuals and companies, and organizations believe in our club, believe in what we are trying to preserve and do, and believe in helping us to grow! 



Speaking of thanks.. lots of volunteers help to make our club special.. and we try always to acknowledge them and the work they do. This week again.. we want to thank everyone who helped to clean up, but especially Lorne Smelsky who so diligently has been court sweeping and cleaning  and so has allowed everyone to play!  This season we got an earlier start to the courts with the warmer weather we have had, and that means that Lorne has been working more than usual - something we as a board hadn't financially budgeted for but need to consider.  Thank you so very much, Lorne for all that you do!  



After much planning, and with consideration of the Federal Summer Grant program we received, we have been looking at candidates, and so are happy to have extended our invitation for positions this summer for: 

Morgan Waller - Primary Club Director
Anya Chavez - Assistant Director
Van Nguyen - Assistant Director
Jerry Mozel - Facilities 

Morgan will be our primary candidate for the summer grant we received. Morgan is in her final high school year, is a certified Level One Instructor, is a High Performance player, and is enthusiastic to accept all the challenges of the position as Club Director. Please welcome Morgan as our primary club director and summer  student!  Morgan will take on the tasks of administration, membership, leagues, and special events. We look forward to having her taking the wheel on initiative, leadership, and hard work! Welcome aboard Morgan! .
Anya, is a member of the Chavez family - a particularly warm and generous family who have been members as long as I can remember.  For those who are new to the club, many here have all watched Anya play tennis as a child, developing into an amazing junior high performance player! and the most wonderful, kind, thoughtful and gracious young women that she is.

Anya and Morgan will be heading up the Saturday children's lessons, and Anya will be also assisting on Sundays for 3 hours over lunch, helping with the junior league we hope to kick off, assist with ball machine, leagues, membership and be there to answer any questions and problems. 

Van Nguyen, another high school senior, high performance player and genuine great guy! His personable skills and flexibility for work made us want to have him work for the club.. his willingness to learn and do.. makes him the perfect fit for Saturday morning PR guru while Morgan and Anya are on court! He will be there to help with any questions regarding membership,10S portal, the ball machines, and will help in facility repair and maintenance. He will be blowing the courts Saturday mornings, and will be available to help any any questions.

Jerry Mozel, is returning for our facility position, but is returning with fewer hours than last year in order for Van to be mentored and to allow him some hours. His focus this year with some help from potentially Danny Kolybaba, will be in establishing a court maintenance routine, using the sprayer we purchased last year, and to potentially address some minor court repairs as well. 

Please make our staff welcome, as they too work to help make your experience at the club the best it can be! 

2019 Lakeshore Tennis Club Newsletter #2 - April 16th 2019

As our Official Opening of our tennis season approaches, we want to extend a warm welcome to the new members who have joined the club this summer!  We hope your experience at Lakeshore Tennis Club will be a fun and exhilarating one, and that you will enjoy lot s of play and games, makes some new friends. If you have missed our first newsletter, then please check on-line at our website under News/Newsletters.

A reminder that our Annual Opening Tennis Mixer and Social is to be held Saturday May 4th. Game setup like last year will be with a deck of cards, winners of games move up, the defeated down. Lorrie will be hosting the dinner to purchase instead of previous years of pot-luck dinners.  Liquor license will be got. Should be fun! We hope you can make it! 

To address and welcome new Families with younger children, we will be hosting a Family Day June 15th, ....Was a Big Hit last year! .. we expect it to be a Big Hit this year! Check our weekend calendar on our website for dates of events. 


BIG THANKS AGAIN to Lorne Smelsky for cleaning the courts again after the snow!! Every year, he is on it, and I think all of us who are already playing, appreciate him a whole big bunch!! Thank you Lorne SO VERY MUCH!  

The Date for Water availability at the club is still yet undetermined as it is Wascana Park who starts the process. We will keep you posted, but expect it to happen soon as the 14 day trends are showing above freezing at night. As soon as we have water, we can clean up the club, pressure clean the veranda and benches. Get the place looking spiffy! 

For those returning members who have not yet registered this year, instructions to do so are on our website and below. In the event you have forgotten your username, please email the club. 


Prices are per person.
For families - choose same family membership for each user - rates are pro-rated.


1.  LOGIN to 10S Portal, at the top right hand screen, see MY ACCOUNT
2.  CLICK ON My Account. 
4.  ADD Secondary Users if you need to. 
6.  CHOOSE Membership Type, ACCEPT Charges. 
(In Edit, you can + memberships; to delete (error) contact the club.) 
7.  GO TO MAIN ACCOUNT and pay. 


Denise's Instruction clinics will be held on Wednesdays at 5:30pm for the month of May;
In June - Mondays. July &August nights and/or days are yet to be determined. Registration is online with 10S Portal and is limited to 12 participants.  This change (previous years were scheduled every Monday night), was due to feedback about reaching out to as many members as possible. 

INSTANT TENNIS starts May 7th, runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 - 7:00pm; If you are a new member to the club, your Instant Tennis (geared to beginners) is included in your membership. Please contact Lakeshore Tennis via email to register; (current online registration is setup for a fee).  

If you are a member, and know of someone who would like to try tennis, let them know that the $99 fee, includes 6 hours of instruction, plus an invitation to try one Novice/beginners league on Thursday nights.  If any Instant Tennis graduate wishes to join the club, then their $99 will be discounted towards their membership. Racquets are available at the club to use. 



Our regular season leagues informally starts Monday April 29th, (drop-in); Formally starts the week of May 6th, (pre-registration), with Team Tennis start on May 8th. Please address any league queries to: as indicated by the signup links below. 

NEW! Sunday Afternoon Junior League  12:30 pm - 2:00 pm  2.5 - 3.5 player skill level 
In wanting to develop our younger players, we are offering them an opportunity to play some games - age is not a factor, but wanting and able to play games is!  We will start with a  drop in May 11th and go from there.! 


Will run every month, signup to be completed by the 30th of the end of the month with the exception of May - first signup extended to May 4th (OPENER SOCIAL), with groupings to be determined and mailed out on the following Monday or Tuesday. Email the club with your skill rating to join. 



We will have courts reserved daily for players with a Skill level 3.5 and up, as well as a seniors court, for those 75years and up. Weather dependent, we will start out in early May, later in the morning, and move it up to 9:00am time slot. Check the court sheet for times. Please use 10S Portal to register if you are planning to come. 


Monday       - Ladies League - Intermediate to Advanced 3.5 - 5.0 
Tuesdays    - Social Mixer - Anyone, Any Level
Wednesday - Team Tennis, Advanced 
Thursday     - Men's League - Intermediate to Advanced 3.5 - 5.0 , Courts 2-5
Thursday     - Beginners League , Courts 6,7,8
Saturday Afternoon:  2-4pm - Mixer - 2 courts initially will be reserved. Participation and demand will drive the need for more courts to be reserved. 

NOTE: As soon as the courts open up - those courts not in use by the leagues - staff will update 10S Portal for online availability.  

Ladies league will be part social and competitive; games will be a regular set, deuces played. If games are extended, and time is pressing, the 3rd set if agreed to by all players, could be a shorter game - first to five points.  Please be prepared to play 2 hours.

In scheduling games, staff will consider games won by each player, and observed skill set in order to advance and setup games for the following week. Staff will keep track of - from week to week -of who is playing who, and will try to ensure that players are mixed and not playing the same players every week, but will also schedule to keep games competitive. Staff will have the final say on arranging players. 

Tuesday night is a Social Mixer and drop-in.  This has been a very popular league in the past, and we hope to keep it competitive and yet social. Winners move up, and the defeated move down. Pre-register to ensure your spot on the court. 

Wednesday night Team Tennis is a 2 month Session commitment of Round-Robin play of Pre-Registered Teams; May/June and July/Aug. This year, teams as in past, will self-rate players skill from 1 (most advanced) to 4(less advanced) and adjust ratings accordingly, week to week. 

TEAM TENNIS IS our most advanced Doubles League, and calls for teams who are of an advanced in skill set. Please keep that in mind when considering joining a team - that this level of competition takes no prisoners, has no mercy, serves are hard & fast with spin, and requires quick volleys and unwavering defiance in the face of attack!! - if this thrills and entices you, then this is the league for you! If this level of competition unnerves you, then there are other less competitive leagues to enjoy and play in. Please note that it is the responsibility of any Team Tennis Member player who is registered on a team  for finding their own substitute player when they cannot attend; staff can only help when emergent issues arise and the player needing the substitute are strapped for time and cannot find someone. A substitute list will be available, as is 10S Portal. 

 Please click on the following links. For those who have already emailed Lakeshore tennis with a team, or wanting to be on one, please email again using the links provided. 


If you have a knack for social events and would like to be part of social committee to organize fun events over the summer, then boy oh boy.. would we like to hear from you! 

Our weekend calendar of events is posted on our website as a blueprint, but we can always use some more fun fun fun events and socials!!  Please contact the LTC Board if you are interested! 


Next Newsletter: Staffing, Sponsorship's, Events. 






 2019 Lakeshore Tennis Club Summer Calendar

 2019 Membership Registration Instructions 10S Portal


Well hasn't it been a frosty winter for those of us here left in the city! BRRR!! .. But as cold as it got, nonetheless, we can all appreciate that this annoyance - winter - is an annoyance; and as my good 'friend of LTC' I know would say.. at least it is only a 'first world' problem, and not a third ..and that is so true; We are certainly blessed! With so many uncertainties in the world, what we have here in Regina, is pure gold. And Lakeshore Tennis Club!! A gem in the park! And what the hay! Happy Days are here,  spring is here, and warmer weather is sure to follow! Tennis at Lakeshore Club is now closer than ever! How great is that!

So in preparation for our summer season, your dedicated volunteer Board of Directors has been hard at it, working and meeting over the winter and making progress - continuing to digitize, streamline processes, improve accounting and accountability, assess programming and costs, preparing and planning.  And so we can say without ado...  REGISTRATION IS READY MONDAY APRIL 1ST!  Our website has been updated with all our membership pricing and information and instructions on how to renew your membership 10S Portal as listed in link provided.  Prices have been kept pretty close to what they were last year with only small increments.  

FYI: We are looking to increase membership and constrain costs in order to meet our reserve goals.. with increasing membership as our number one goal. Help us to grow the club in any way you feel can, and to grow the sport! Posters will be available, and you can expect to hear some buzz about the club with our spring marketing campaign!

One new thing to share with prospective members is that the cost of INSTANT TENNIS can be totally deducted from the cost of membership if they are joining for the first time ever. And new members new to tennis can just go ahead and join, and sign up for instant tennis as part of their membership. But the best way I believe to increase membership is retain the members we have, by inclusiveness and friendliness.  Maybe this is the year to invite someone new to the games you schedule with your friends! And heh, if everyone made that gesture  - if only once or twice over the summer -  who knows.!! These may be the kind of overtures that may make the difference between someone joining, and enjoying and coming back year after year. 

After much ado regarding provincial tournaments, Rider games and other events in the city, we have a tentative schedule for the summer which will be posted shortly on the website and can be read from the link provided. 

DATES: Our MEMBER SEASON OPENER 'TENNIS SOCIAL & MIXER' is scheduled for SATURDAY MAY 4th and an 'OPEN-HOUSE' WEEKEND FOR THE PUBLIC, is scheduled for the afternoons of MAY 11th & 12th!  Now this would be the time to invite your friends and co-workers to come and give tennis a try and hope that they enjoy the experience and either go on to try some Instant Tennis, or just even join the club! 

But before I get too ahead of myself, our club membership has also had some losses over the winter, and one individual in particular, needs mention and acknowledgment: 

Our members would like to express condolences on the passing of Shen Lamb.  Shen was a pillar of the tennis community and played regularly over 5 decades (starting in 1971).  Shen and his wife Janet and family were well known for being integral to the club and making many contributions. Shen represented the club in the Remington Nationals Father-Son tournaments with his son Derrick and Sam in spirit (early 1980’s in Toronto). From 1985 to 2006, there was a Lamb name on the men’s doubles championship at least 5 times. And Shen’s best matches, it was said, occurred when battling with his youngest son Sam, or while training his grandson, Sean, on the finer points of hitting a big forehand. 

Shen was well known as being a talented, fierce competitor. He will be remembered as one of the first members to use the modern open stance on his forehand. His lobbing and consistency were impeccable. Shen’s flare on the court was also well known, he liked the extended black Head Intelligence tennis racket. He was a “No Shirter” always seeking a tan, and his favorite comment when hitting an out-ball rhymed with “ship”.   His tactics and court coverage in later years were always discussed, studied and emulated by other senior LTC members.

Shen made many life long friends at the LTC club and in later years he became well known as a good bridge player battling at the card table with Herbie Ottenbreit, Elmer Hara and his wife  Janet. Shen was very stoic, a man of few words, but he always had a smile if you took the time to seek his opinions or ideas. He will be missed from our club but his legacy will be remembered and very much appreciated.

Thank you Terry Tuharsky for writing this up. .. he sounds like a great guy, and will be sorely missed by those at the club and in the community. 

Our seasoned and very reliable group of volunteers, Rod Kelln, Lorne Smelsky, Ron Noyes have offered to remove the clubhouse boards that are keeping our clubhouse safe and secure, (Hats OFF! .. A BIG THANK YOU GUYS!!! ) .. and when we have some water in the clubhouse, we will call for a Volunteer Spring Cleanup Crew of the clubhouse... We will be sure to keep you posted for all of that and more in the next newsletter. 

As for the courts, the worst of whatever we had is gone, and as soon as the next warm day above 10deg is upon us, grab your rackets and come on down! Maybe even today!! 


Our next newsletter will update you as to our leagues, spring cleanup, and other news items. In the meantime.. get ready to register on Monday April 1st , and be sure to come out to play some tennis as soon as the weather allows!  SEE YOU SOON ON THE COURTS! 

Anitarose Brockman    
2019 President of LTC   

© 2019  Lakeshore Tennis Club

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