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Hey Team Tennis Players!

Although we are still a couple weeks away from June 17th, the date of this year's Davis Cup, we are looking for your help in making this tournament a success! The Team Tennis group will most likely make up the base of the participation in this tournament, and we were hoping that all of you could express your interest in the Davis Cup by the end of this week, Friday June 2nd. 

This will allow us to properly gauge interest, and give us time to set this tournament succesfully.

A quick reminder about the Davis Cup:


  • You can sign up as a team or as an individual, or as partial teams.

  • Fees are $5/person or $20/team

  • Your team chooses the country they would like to represent, and is encouraged to bring flags and dress accordingly (in flag colours or in same colours as the teams do in Davis Cup play).

  • If you sign up as an individual you will be placed on a team. Once teams are formed you will work together to choose a country.

  • Each team also needs to bring a food item from their country for the potluck, enough to feed four people is good.

  • There will be a cash bar and few foods prepared by Lori Ritter from Bliss Bistro.

If you have any questions let the staff know! Email us or stop by the club to sign up! 

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