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Parking behind the Legislative


We have received notice from Wascana Centre Authority that some of our members are parking in the parking lots behind the Legislative Building during business hours on the weekdays. Our members are only allowed to use these lots after 5:30PM on weekdays and at anytime on weekends. 

Please discontinue parking in these areas during the unauthorized times.

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 2019 Lakeshore Tennis Club Summer Calendar

 2019 Membership Registration Instructions 10S Portal


Well hasn't it been a frosty winter for those of us here left in the city! BRRR!! .. But as cold as it got, nonetheless, we can all appreciate that this annoyance - winter - is an annoyance; and as my good 'friend of LTC' I know would say.. at least it is only a 'first world' problem, and not a third ..and that is so true; We are certainly blessed! With so many uncertainties in the world, what we have here in Regina, is pure gold. And Lakeshore Tennis Club!! A gem in the park! And what the hay! Happy Days are here,  spring is here, and warmer weather is sure to follow! Tennis at Lakeshore Club is now closer than ever! How great is that!

So in preparation for our summer season, your dedicated volunteer Board of Directors has been hard at it, working and meeting over the winter and making progress - continuing to digitize, streamline processes, improve accounting and accountability, assess programming and costs, preparing and planning.  And so we can say without ado...  REGISTRATION IS READY MONDAY APRIL 1ST!  Our website has been updated with all our membership pricing and information and instructions on how to renew your membership 10S Portal as listed in link provided.  Prices have been kept pretty close to what they were last year with only small increments.  

FYI: We are looking to increase membership and constrain costs in order to meet our reserve goals.. with increasing membership as our number one goal. Help us to grow the club in any way you feel can, and to grow the sport! Posters will be available, and you can expect to hear some buzz about the club with our spring marketing campaign!

One new thing to share with prospective members is that the cost of INSTANT TENNIS can be totally deducted from the cost of membership if they are joining for the first time ever. And new members new to tennis can just go ahead and join, and sign up for instant tennis as part of their membership. But the best way I believe to increase membership is retain the members we have, by inclusiveness and friendliness.  Maybe this is the year to invite someone new to the games you schedule with your friends! And heh, if everyone made that gesture  - if only once or twice over the summer -  who knows.!! These may be the kind of overtures that may make the difference between someone joining, and enjoying and coming back year after year. 

After much ado regarding provincial tournaments, Rider games and other events in the city, we have a tentative schedule for the summer which will be posted shortly on the website and can be read from the link provided. 

DATES: Our MEMBER SEASON OPENER 'TENNIS SOCIAL & MIXER' is scheduled for SATURDAY MAY 4th and an 'OPEN-HOUSE' WEEKEND FOR THE PUBLIC, is scheduled for the afternoons of MAY 11th & 12th!  Now this would be the time to invite your friends and co-workers to come and give tennis a try and hope that they enjoy the experience and either go on to try some Instant Tennis, or just even join the club! 

But before I get too ahead of myself, our club membership has also had some losses over the winter, and one individual in particular, needs mention and acknowledgment: 

Our members would like to express condolences on the passing of Shen Lamb.  Shen was a pillar of the tennis community and played regularly over 5 decades (starting in 1971).  Shen and his wife Janet and family were well known for being integral to the club and making many contributions. Shen represented the club in the Remington Nationals Father-Son tournaments with his son Derrick and Sam in spirit (early 1980’s in Toronto). From 1985 to 2006, there was a Lamb name on the men’s doubles championship at least 5 times. And Shen’s best matches, it was said, occurred when battling with his youngest son Sam, or while training his grandson, Sean, on the finer points of hitting a big forehand. 

Shen was well known as being a talented, fierce competitor. He will be remembered as one of the first members to use the modern open stance on his forehand. His lobbing and consistency were impeccable. Shen’s flare on the court was also well known, he liked the extended black Head Intelligence tennis racket. He was a “No Shirter” always seeking a tan, and his favorite comment when hitting an out-ball rhymed with “ship”.   His tactics and court coverage in later years were always discussed, studied and emulated by other senior LTC members.

Shen made many life long friends at the LTC club and in later years he became well known as a good bridge player battling at the card table with Herbie Ottenbreit, Elmer Hara and his wife  Janet. Shen was very stoic, a man of few words, but he always had a smile if you took the time to seek his opinions or ideas. He will be missed from our club but his legacy will be remembered and very much appreciated.

Thank you Terry Tuharsky for writing this up. .. he sounds like a great guy, and will be sorely missed by those at the club and in the community. 

Our seasoned and very reliable group of volunteers, Rod Kelln, Lorne Smelsky, Ron Noyes have offered to remove the clubhouse boards that are keeping our clubhouse safe and secure, (Hats OFF! .. A BIG THANK YOU GUYS!!! ) .. and when we have some water in the clubhouse, we will call for a Volunteer Spring Cleanup Crew of the clubhouse... We will be sure to keep you posted for all of that and more in the next newsletter. 

As for the courts, the worst of whatever we had is gone, and as soon as the next warm day above 10deg is upon us, grab your rackets and come on down! Maybe even today!! 


Our next newsletter will update you as to our leagues, spring cleanup, and other news items. In the meantime.. get ready to register on Monday April 1st , and be sure to come out to play some tennis as soon as the weather allows!  SEE YOU SOON ON THE COURTS! 

Anitarose Brockman    
2019 President of LTC   

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