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Summer Camps

FINALLY!!! Now that ball handling and safety planning around

children's summer camps have been sorted out, children's summer

programming can begin. 


CAMPS begin MONDAY, July 20th

Register with Court Reserve under Events, Summer Camps

Lakeshore Tennis Club is offering these camps first to our membership at a discounted price of $150.00 per week, and then afterwards, for non - members, @ $200.00. This year the camps will be led by Denise and Morgan and with a limit of 12 campers per each session, held on courts 6,7,8. Mon - Thurs (Fri rain date).  Camps include include a 20 min break for a mid-morning snack, which may include a freezie, or ice cream, muffin or granola bar, oranges etc.  

If your camper has food allergies or any concerns, please email the club with these concerns, and maybe even provide those children with their own treats.

Campers must bring their own water bottles, sun-screen and must be capable of understanding physically distancing. Therefore children younger than 7 or so, are discouraged from attending.  (sorry.. ) .. Camps at this time will be offered for only 4 weeks, and with feedback from the coaching staff, assessed and adjusted on an ongoing basis, for safety compliance. 

We hope this addresses a need in our membership and community for having a fun and safe activity for children! 

Boy on a Tennis Court
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