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Booking a



o    Include all names of players in your reservation.

o    All guests must be registered online and pay the guest fee of $15 (guests are limited to 3 times each).

·       Booking opens 3 days in advance, at 7:00 am each day.

·       No back-to-back bookings are allowed.

·       League registration opens 7 days before league nights and closes 4 days before the league begins.

·       Prime time is 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

·       Adult/Student Members are allowed 240 minutes of playing time per day, or 3 court bookings per day, 1/90/minute singles booking or a 120 minute booking for doubles per day during prime time.

o    Singles’ reservations are limited to 1½ hours.­­­

o    Doubles’ reservations are limited to 2 hours.

·       Junior Members are allowed up to 240 minutes per day, or 3 reservations max, 1/90/minute singles booking or a 120 minute doubles booking per day during prime time UP TO A MAX of 2 bookings per week during prime time (i.e. juniors can only play 2 evenings per week).

·       ALL Members must purchase the membership for their age group.

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